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InferStack and the Internet of Things

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InferStack and the Internet of Things

As a software business, MSI makes it a top priority to stay up on the most advanced, cutting edge technologies available for our field service and repair customers. We make sure our software incorporates the latest and greatest mobile technologies and app infrastructure. We also stay up-to-date on new products in the service landscape that complement our own.

For the HVAC industry, what better place to find new and exciting technologies than the largest ever AHR Expo, which we attended in January. While at AHR, I had interviewed several technology companies offering some very exciting possibilities for HVAC service organizations.

In this exclusive interview with Intellastar’s Terry Casey, CEO of the European business and an executive in the US, we cover how service businesses in the building and HVAC sector can take advantage of advanced IoT technologies to analyze, predict, and remedy energy inefficiencies and other equipment maladies before customers even know anything’s wrong.