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Rule Based Analytics

Set custom rules to detect issues on any machine at any property. No reprogramming or changing any equipment.

Intelligent alarms & events

Our software will allow you to drill down to specific dates, times and locations. No more guess work.

B-Line Control

Full control, optimize and supervise the plant to reduce energy consumption and cost. Understand how your energy is being used.

Our Features

InferStack™ Visualization

InferStack™ Visualization provides rich Graphics and Dashboards. Dashboards let everyone, the building user, the service technician, the energy manager all see information and KPI’s that reflect what is important to them, to understand the performance and operation of their assets. The Historian creates novel, clear representation of time series data, roll-ups and data normalization for weather, size or other variables.

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InferStack™ Control

The B-Line Control Engine combines Function Block or Object based linking with Line Logic Programming. The Function Block approach works well for Continuous Control for DDC, Supervision and Optimization, but the line programming works best for some Plant control and for managing Demand Response automatically. This allows us to create Controls in the most logical way for the diversity of Internet of Things Applications.

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InferStack™ Events

Traditional Alarm Systems get turned off or ignored because they are not providing meaningful, actionable information. The InferStack™ Events module takes a different approach and reports what events have happened over a period, how many, how long, and with an impact analysis so we can decide what’s important to fix and what’s not.

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InferStack™ Reports

The Reports function is simple, intuitive, and powerful.  Reports can be as detailed and frequent as necessary. Reports can be scheduled and sent to relevant people.

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InferStack™ Connections

Connections are the communications Protocols that let InferStack™ talk to other devices and Systems. We support the main Open Standards and will add more over time. Developers can use the Connections framework to create additional drivers to support their systems and applications.

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InferStack™ Analytics

InferStack™ allows you to create rules relevant to your systems and equipment, by detecting patterns in the data from your equipment. InferStack™ also looks for specific conditions in the plant that would require attention like sticking valves and non-functioning dampers, or equipment that’s running when it’s not needed. Once issues are detected, InferStack™ utilizes advanced Visualization techniques to make it easier to inform operators of the issues and causes.

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The only platform you’ll need.

InferStack™ has all the features needed to connect, control, analyze, and manage Buildings and Equipment for this new paradigm of the Internet of Things.

InferStack™ brings all the new, advanced capabilities to create custom Dashboards that brings meaning, to data through advanced Analytics and Data Visualization to make Operations most efficient.

The Software platform also brings the standard features that are tried and trusted such as Plant Graphics, Control, Trend Logging, Scheduling, and Reporting but with more elegant presentation and simpler Engineering processes that need far fewer clicks to configure. With the Haystack Data Model, many functions can be created automatically and the things we build are reusable across multiple plants, buildings, and entities.

Our Features

Intellastar Connect

Intellastar Connect provides the connections, data plans, and device management, so 3/4G devices from Intellastar
and others can connect to the enterprise over the cellular network.

3/4G Cellular Connection

Provide device connections

Excellent geographic coverage

Flexible data plans to match your needs

Pooling of device data plans

Portal to manage your connections

Secure VPN connection to your Enterprise

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We offer

Intellastar provides end to end Technology to bring Buildings, Plants, Smart Devices, and Energy onto the Internet of Things to allow them to operate efficiently, securely, and effectively with reduced operating cost.

  • Intellastar M2M Platforms
  • InferStack™ Application Environment
  • Intellastar Connect Cellular Data Services

Applications include

InferStack™ brings elegant, simple to design Visualization, with Graphics and Dashboards, the powerful B-Line Control Engine, customer Reporting, simple but effective Alarm and Event Management, and Industry leading Analytics.

  • Energy Monitoring and Analysis
  • Building and Plant Fault Detection and Diagnosis
  • Plant Control and Optimization
  • Smart Grid and Automatic Demand Response

Let’s make a more efficient world together, today!